Thursday, August 26, 2010

My blog has become extinct

Hi all,

(Courtesy : Internet)
Happy onam 2010 to all .

Hope you had a heartful and stomachful OnaSadhya. My DH was going out of station. So he wants Onam to be celebrated on Sunday, the day before the 1st Onam. We are in the Hi-Fi era and hope our honorable Mavelli would agree to our customization of Onam celebration according to our wimps and fancies.

My DH was off for 3 days from monday to wednesday while i was breaking my head off to get my code to work at my office till 10:00 calling my dear children every 1 hour that I'm coming home..I'm on my way...My Dear daughter terrorising me "Only if you get me this..that , I'll do homework, eat food, go to sleep...".....

Ah, i wonder where life is taking us...I wish i go back to my school days time...Amma preparing Ona Sadhya and eating on banana leaves and the evening free Malayalam movies in the Kerala Samajam club...walking back almost 5 km after the late evening movies in the dark..drained and exhausted....sometimes hugging my acchan in the cycle case, i fall down....

those moments..still linger in my minds...which brings me to a point of sadness where i could not possibly spend time with my children.........

Ok..thought i would clean up the cobwebs which i believe is falling down from the roof to the ground about to be permanently blog room..

Not that it is airy and come back and visit..
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