Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010

Thank you for a year of blessing, of new friends made, hearts reaching out across continents, and time to come visit me. I have loved every minute!

In the comming new year we continue to grow in our friendship, and meet often in front of these screens with more projects and exciting works to share and enjoy.

Wish you all a happy merry christmas
happy and fabulous and prosperous new year 2010.

Keep smiling and take care,
Sumy Sunil

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Deepavali - 2009..How was it for you?

The whole country is celebrating Deepavali/diwali in different ways.
This year had been special for me in many aspects. I got a "Microwave Oven", which was like a dream come true for me...Oh! yeah...and also lotsa of curtains ..hence i was busy doing a home back is aching still....All said and done, it was wonderful Diwali for me and my family.

I got this gift from my LIC agent as diwali gift..Emh..lotsa of nuts...

My children had lotsa of fun in lighting the kambithiri, flower pots,

watching sanghu chakkra going round and round....

..firing the satta...

...DH was earnestly bursting the crackers to glory..

"kasa kari akkittaru".."Burning the money"..
They were really excited and lotsa of laughs and merriment in the air. I was as usual clicking clicking capturing some moments..In fact, i got a blast from my DH that "the joy is in enjoying and not taking photos" (Quote unquote..hahaha)...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm back...

It has been a long time since i've posted something new. Once again I'm released from my project beginning of this month and i'll be allocated to another project beginning of next month..So which means I've enough time to ramble about me, me and me…LOL…
I had been into lotsa of activities in spite of work pressure. I’ve saved pictures of some of my cooking, embroidery works and of course, I ‘ve tons to talk about my Dear children…But I’m not sure where to start…LOL…Anyways, let me start with some receipes. You may find new posts in Sumy’s Adukazha. And for the embroidery work, you may find new posts in Sumy’s Kaithozhil ….So peep in there.

And to all my visitors to my blogs..A big Thank you and visit me once again..I wish and hope you guys pass on your comments…I appreciate it.

Keep smiling and take care.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today we had a new visitor!!!!

My dear daughter, Vava rushed out from my kitchen store room and banged at me while I was also entering the kitchen…dishum…she looked scared…she held me tightly and goes on “Puuchha ma puuchha..avidey. (Cat..Mummy..Cat..there) .and held my nightie so tightly and dragged me to the kitchen”…I didn’t see or hear any cat there. I said “Nothing is here”..”Vava ikki thoniyadu airikkum”..You were imagining…

She didn’t enter the kitchen not even to sneak her favourite murukku and mixture when she feels hungry.

In the middle of the night, I was feeling thirsty and my DH has finished the water jug kept on the table. I entered the kitchen and switched on the light to fill the jug. Suddenly I heard “meiyo meiyo”…oh..Vava was right?..There is a cat here inside my kitchen store. I switched on the store room lights too. I scanned and to my amazement I saw a big cat lying curled. I sensed that the mother cat is lying with some newly born kitten. Shoot!!!..I don’t want to disturb them. I quickly switched the lights of the kitchen store and the kitchen as well.

The next morning, me too, I was little scared to enter the kitchen store. Why am I scared?..Will the mother cat will attack me if I enter? Does it think that I ‘ve entered for harming its babies?

I was eagerly waiting for my cook to arrive. I informed her about this as soon as she arrived. She started with some interesting want to hear…”You will get lots of money in recent future”..ahha..not a bad idea…lotsa of money coming in..from where?..God alone knows…hahaha…then she continues…some more interesting facts about cats…”You know when it pies, it digs hole and pies and closes it with mud”..I was marveled with this fact..”is it so?”..oh yeah…hats off for their cleanliness attitude…she continues..there is infact a story behind this..Oh yeah..what is it?..”Wolf used to say that atleast by swallowing some of cats output, let me get some brains like Cat”…so the cats thinking that wolf will take it, it hids its…@#$@#$%$$....i laughed and laughed…She continues “Unmathanga”..”It is true, madam”..LOL…

Now the point is how can I kick this cat family from my kitchen store?...I asked for my cook’s help…She is not hell of a lady…..”Oru periya kutchi kudungha..verattidallaam”….”Give me a long stick….it can be kicked out”…I came back with a long stick cut down from neem tree in my front yard….In the mean time, Vava woke up and rushed to the kitchen to watch the hungama…I asked to wake monu as well (my dear son)…

My cook kicked out the mother cat..It ran to the living room and escaped through the window..On seeing this, Vava was ROFL…and monu joined also without understanding what is the commotion?...which made me laugh too.

Then there they are…2 beautiful kittens sleeping and curled in the corner of the last shelf..where I’ve kept some unused jute bags…I hardly touch those areas…One black and one sort of gray.

My cook, with the help of cardboard, took both the kittens out and kept out near the well completely covered so that no other living being will try to eat it or kill it. I was so sad to have them thrown out of the house.

Immediately lists of questions were shot at me by Vava. “Endhanu oru puucha karathirikkunu..oru puucha velluthirikkinu…”.(why one cat is black while the other cat is white in color?) .”Endu puucha aanu” (what is the gender of the cat?). I replied that just like each person has different color, every cat has different color…I told her I don’t know their gender…She continues….”Amma alley parasavikkiya..appo ammakki ariyo? (Mother only delivered the baby so did she know?)..i raised my eyebrows and said should be?..Amma Cat knows it…She continues ..”Appo endhanu peruvechirukkunnadu?..(Then what is the name?)..I replied ..”one is Monu and the other is Vava”..She got satisfied..It lightened her face…she gave a innocent and ignorant laugh…..and she repeated the whole conversation of mine and her to Dear husband…..

I thanked my cook and I saw the mother cat continuously shouting “miyo..miyo”..I talked to her saying your kids are fine and they are being kept behind the wall, inside the basket, safely..Go find it out..They are safe..Don’t worry”..I wonder whether it got the message…She continued her “miyo..miyo”..back to me…….

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My new blog on Needle, Threads and Crafts

I've started this blog for voicing my thoughts, to talk about more of my dear children, and very little on DH.

As time progressed, I started posting some food recipes being motivated by other food bloggers. So I decided to move all those food related posts to my food blog

Now my latest craziness is on various embroidery, quilting and BOM's.
I'm moving all my Art and Craft related posts to a new blog

Please check it out.

I wish and hope my visitors motivate me by posting some comments and visiting these sites.

Wish me good luck,

Sumy Sunil

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another beadwork project

This is another beadwork i did..Courtesy is the aunty from Madhurai.

This is kept on the top of the main entrance of the house. It is believed that it guards evil from entering the house. It is called "Sanghu, Chakram, Namam".

It is framed and kept in my pooja room.

Another treasure from my Pandora box- Beads, beads and beads...

I’m happy to see the treasure bag full of beadworks of mine with lotsa of bead packets and a box full of beads. My DH is not happy though. He says that money is locked in here for nothing. When invested, there should be some returns. Naah!!! I don’t mind.

My first project on beadwork started way back in school days. My first was slide with letter “WELCOME”. I don’t remember where I have that now. Should be at my amma’s home. Next time when I go to my hometown, I will definitely take a click and post it in my blog. Then I believe it is “Swamy Saranam” ..praising “Lord Ayyappa”. This also should be in my amma’s place..Emh..As I write this note, memories are flowing…

Forget about the past.

Coming to the recent past…LOL…
My bead project started with this. I had a neighbour from Madurai and she had a huge collection of beadworks. I could do only few of those masterpieces with the free time I got then with my twins around. The issue was my son was very naughty and the moment he sees some beads lying on the floor , he immediately picks it up and puts it in his month and bites and chews it with that “Kadukku, kadukku” sound. I’ve to force open his mouth by holding his cheeks tightly which gives him great amount of pain. I put one of my fingers to flush the bead out of his mouth and he goes crying out to my DH that amma pressed my cheeks!!! Sobs…So I wait till they go to sleep. The moment they are awake, I pack my bead box and hide it in my shelf.

(Lord Venkateswara, Balaji, Srinivasa, Perumal, Venkatachalapathy)

(Goddess Meenakshi)

(The couple).

I've to hunt for a good person who could frame it well. Once I gave this for framing and he made a bad job out of it. I got angry and just told him "What have you done?". Before i could complete, he removed the whole frame work within minutes. Still I didn't get it why he undid his work?...But at the end of it, my beads which makes the border (last row down below), all got broken. I got really angry. But then it was futile. I just walked out of the shop disappointed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Full view of Lord Ganesha)

(Lord Ganesha)

(Complete Work...with border and all)

I was learning embroidery and needle works from one of my neighbour, named Sangeetha, when i was living in Hosur, a small town on the border between Karnataka and TamilNadu, India. I was out of work and was spending my full time with my twins. So back to stitching lessons, I learned good number of stitches and one of the stitch was patchwork. Somehow i liked it so much. In fact she showed me her piece of patchwork for me. I was so interested that I did the whole work all by myself. It was a challenge by itself.

I started it with my own idea.but later i've to undo the whole thing. I really learned it in a hardway. It was interesting. If I remember right, i took almost 1 and 1/2 months to finish this piece of amazing art work.

(Lord Ganesha's vehicle..Moonjhur..rat)

Check this out. This is one of the treasure that i found from my Pandora Box..My adorable Lord Ganapathi......

My next quest is to find a good place where they can do some pretty decent frame for this patchwork of mine. I'm bit scared to give this for framing as i had some bitter experience before when i gave for framing my bead work...which is another treasure inside my pandora box...LOL...hang on for my next post on my classic bead works......

My Pandora Box

Every weekend, on saturday my usual cleaning spree starts from morning till afternoon. I just extended beyond the usual routine. I thought of checking out shelfs/boxes which i've never opened for months together. Thinking that some spiders and other possible or probable living beings would have started their happy family. I was silently surprised to see a huge collection of my hand works which i've done almost 3 years back when i was out of work and sitting back home with my 2 year old twins....I'll post one by one ...just hang in here for surprises from me...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LeKaQuilt Giveaway In

Please see the giveaway from LEKAQUILT..Great site for those who loves art and crafts

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Herringbone stitch with some stones embellished on chudithaar

Here is another small project on my cream color plain chudithaar:

I’ve used herringbone stitches on my hand and the collar region.

The bottom of the chudithaar has 2 lines of herringbone stitches too.

(Bottom with 2 lines of herringbone stitch - blue color interlaced with rose color)

I’ve used a running stictch to keep the herringbone stitch from going astray.

(closer view of the hand...herringbone stitch running all the length from the shoulder)

(Collar and neck portion)

I’ve pasted some stones on the whole of my top chudithaar using a fabric glue.

(Top of the can see the stones pasted with equal spacing alternatively scattered all over the body)

It did not come out well as I thought. Everytime I wear it, one or the other stones comes out and it will be lying here and there driving my whole family crazy.

Detached chain stitch - lazy daisy work

Here is another small project from my end on another plain chudithaar.

I have used detached chain stitch/lazy daisy profusely and little bit of stem stich for the stem and for the leaves i've used didn't come out well, though

(The full picture of the top)

(The hand portion)

(The hand portion in a broader view)

(Neck portion)

(A wider view of the neck region)

(The bottom portion of the top)

Design from a Saree

(Body of the saree)

(Pallu design)

(Scattered in the body of the saree)

My cook was wearing a saree full of chikan work. I just took some pictures of it and posted here. Maybe in future, i may try working on this design in my chudithaar or plain saree or something else. If somebody is interested, please feel free to take this sample and I would be happy if they inform me about their work.

Fly stitch with some variations...

Some of the small projects I’m involved in past few months:

I brought some plain cloth and get it stitched as chudithaar planning to do some embroidery work on it. This is one way of forcing myself to get in touch with this art. I was quite confused what work should I work on and finally I did this.

(The whole view of the chudithaar top)

(The arm length and the neck portion has the plaited fly stitch ending with the jamki)

(Closer view of the fly stich surrounding a round button. I've ended the fly stitch on a jamki)

For more details on this stitch: please refer to the following link:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Onam to all !!!!!!

(Onam Sadhya)


(Courtesy : from my friend)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Give away winner!!!!

I'm selected as "Give away winner" for "The Indian stuff"...I'm feeling elated.

Check this out:

Wanna to know what is in store for me...

All this stuff..I'm very much excited and delighted....

Thanks to Deepa.

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's been long time..just wanna to say "Hi" to all

Thanks for all the visitors to my blog. I know there are so many visitors all across the globe. From Japan to US.
I've not posted anything new since 2 months. Hope my blog would not die due to this. The prime reason being I'm busy with my project deliverables, strict and stringent schedules and the little time I get, I wanna to share it with my kids and hubby.
Anyways, I miss my visitor's comments and encouragement. Hopefully I'll come back with a big bang once again after my "busy" commitments.
Keep smiling.

Love you all...Keep visiting........

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sema Comedy panren….

It has been a long absence that I took from this blog world. Luckily today I had time to squeeze in to write couple of lines from my heart. Good news is I got into project which made me hectic from morning till night…Bad news…not even have time to cook dinner for my family…not able to spend time for my kid’s homework…be with them for dinner time…. Good that my hubby has started cooking for the family..yup..yup…and my children does their homework under the guidance of my hubby…Bad that he has to shoulder my responsibilities at home….hahahaha….There should be a balance between the better halves right……..Oh ho!!!....

Coming back to my new project, it is good to be engaged with work during this recession hours where they are on look out for sacking bench people….But it drives one crazy when the requirements keep changing and you end up updating the same document “n” number of times using the enhanced features of MS-Word…LOL….

I’ve so many incidence to write about…Let me start some funny interesting happenings….

I was ranting about this Kid’s summer at my office in my previous post….It was the last day celebration..and all kids were performing dance and as usual I forgot to bring my camera to click pictures of them..(my hubby says you take pictures of all dishes you make and post it in blog..but you don’t take pictures of kids….the moment I start clicking pictures for my food blog…he goes “Aarambichitaya aarambichitta”….)....Gosh! I missed those moments... I was searching for some suitable employee whom I could rely on to get those photos emailed to me.. ..oh! I have seen her couple of times before in the pantry helping her daughter to drink milk in my project area …In fact, I have asked her whether she will be around till say 7:00pm with her daughter so that I can put my children along with her daughter while I go and attend my client meeting. She told me that she will be leaving early and I started cribbing to her that I’ve a client meeting till 7:00pm and I donno what to do with my kids when I ‘m away in the meeting..blah..blah..Oh ! a familiar face…I took a seat beside her. She has 2 daughter , one in class 10 and her sister in the summer camp..I introduced myself to her and humbly requested her to email me the photos once it is downloaded. She happily agreed. I enquired about her project. She goes introducing herself..and it so happened that she also belongs to my project. Oh ! great. I continued engaging her with more dialogues…So are you a project manager or something?..”nope..I manage the whole “ “ project….Still my mudhead didn’t work…My big mouth once again lost control….so you report to “X” (x is the delivery manager) ?..Nope…Mr X reports to Mr Y (delivery head) and in turn reports to me (General manager)..……I gave a shock and opened my mouth and closed it with my palm just right in front of her……..Can anyone imagine what a blunder I made?....I sat there beside her for the next 10 mintues me turning like stone and feltdumbhead…….It happens baby…but should not happen to anybody in this world…………..

Here is another one

My TL have booked a meeting room for discussing the weekly status with the onsite contrapart. Usually she books the same room “Narmada”. Because of the non-availability of usual room, she informed me that about the new meeting room “Kedarnath”. I was in middle of hectic workload, I didn’t get that registered in my mind. I started late from my desk. I rushed down from 5th to 4th floor, assuming that it should be somewhere in 4th floor. I checked couple of meeting room there. No sign of my team members. So enquired some guys sitting at 4th floor. They said that the Kedarnath is in 5th floor. Once again took the stairs and finally tracked down “Kedarnath”. Late by 15 mintues. The meeting has already started. I took the only chair available. My TL gave me a look. My boss, from the other side of the world, is already discussing about the status of some task. Tension gushed inside me. Attendance would have already been taken and logged in his status report. Has he finished discussing about my task…All these thought process were rushing my head…I was not mentally into the call…There was a sudden silence in the room ..for a pause…Suddenly, My boss started with a great stress and voice modulation“TO ME, …...”. I thought he is asking me about something “SUMY….” It rhymed with my name…”TO ME”..and “SUMY..” ..I immediately jumped onto the speaker phone..and “Hi Ron, Good morning, Please tell me..”…All my team members waved at me with a “No..No…”…Then I realized that it is “TO ME..”…Luckily, the mute button was enabled…I hit my head with my hand and hid myself under the table….Every one was laughing to glory…..

Sema comedy panren…in office too……….

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Camp at my office

(Vava in cream color frock dancing and Monu in green color shirt behind dancing too!!!!!)

It’s been a marathon run for me and my children for last 2 weeks..solid 9 days. Wake them up by 7:00 and make them brush, take bath and get dressed..bare minimum…forget about breakfast…making them eat or eating all by themselves so early by 7:30..No way of opening our mouth…tight daughter is happy that I’m not forcing her to eat something….Me running between kitchen to answer my cook and bedroom to listen/shout/instruct/compromise with my kids……..maen, by 8:00, I finish my washing cloths, taking bath, breakfast and running between bedroom, kitchen and living room trying to finish up whatever possible. The only good thing happen is that my office cab picks us right in front of my gate. Thank God, otherwise I just can’t imagine running around 2 bubbly kids with my office bag, lunch bag, and their lunch bags and another bag for change of clothes in case if it is required. Off we go and reach office by 8:45. My kids are fascinated to be in my office. Monu goes “Why amma so many TV’s in your office?”..It is not is desktop..Sorry he has seen only laptop at home. My daughter is excited to see coffee machine with lots of options for hotwater, capaccino, expresso, milk, steam and what not. She goes on to fill in her share of coffee. Spill it all over the table and I keep cleaning the table. Running between my desk and restroom to siphon out their bladder. This goes on till they get to their summer camp starting at 9:30.

They have lots of activities like puppet show, movies, dance, drawing, coloring, arts, crafts, cookery..what name it, they are busy at something or the other.

I join them once again during lunch hours. Starting from 1:00 ..goes on for an hour till they finish. Then once again back to their camp with rest of the activities.

I get many complaints from other girls in the camp. Aunty, monu is tickling me..pinching me, hitting me…I give them a big smile and big hug. Can’t help, dear.

Back to my desk and get engrossed with my new project. I, infact, get a reminder call from the organiser to pick them at 5:30. Oops! I’m on my way.

My meetings start with my counterpart at 5:30…Thanks to my neighbours, ladies..they keep engaging them with teasing them, giving them snacks, and asking them to draw, sing , dance and me locked with other peers in the conference room endlessly for next 2 hr. Physically sitting there, and mentally with my children..if they want to go the restroom what will my friends do?...checking my mobile often in case I have a missed call.

And finally I’m out and rush to my desk to find either they are more happy to be in the company of my friends or in a bad mood if the teasing and ragging becomes too much for them to handle. If I’m on time for my office cab, thank God, grab all those bags and drag them out to get into the cab.

By the time, they reach home..almost 30 to 45 mintues drive, they fell asleep. Then they go straight to bed. Good night.

Next morning, it is the same routine……..

End of it, they enjoyed a lot….and still they wanna to come to my office….
(Monu receiving certificate and a bag ...last day farewell celebration)...Monu tore the certificate into bits and pieces........on reaching home..........
(Monu dressed as spiderman........)
(Vava waiting for her part of cake)
(Farewell cake.....)
(Monu about to receive the certificate and bag)
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