Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First Blog

I welcome myself to this world of blogging. Of course, I welcome the prospective followers of my beautiful piece of notes in the days to come.I was wondering how I should start…...or rather where should I start. I've not written anything so far. So many thought process comes in and goes...but really haven't tried putting it in papers black and white...Ok!!!

As a typical Hindu, I start with the blessings of Lord Vinayaka. As you can see, His image is posted as well. So Pranamam to the Great Almighty.

Have you heard of this “IDEA” of dieting, weight loss...well “Vritham”................. Something about “traveling in Chennai bus during rush hours in the morning?” could meet all crazy fellas…..trying to make a chutney out of me…me, the tiffin box and the office bag all in different directions…360 degrees... By the time, you reach your is like “I’m exhausted” . 360 degrees !?! reminds me of the self-appraisal that everyone has to fill before the deadline…But looks like people can’t meet it as it is always showing “Server Error: unavailable “…blah blah….Good going!!! Lucky me, I don’t fall in this cycle of appraisal.

The best singer of my home – “my daughter"...I wonder how she picks the tune and lyrics fast....wonder why? because I somehow cannot register the lyrics even after hearing the same song over and over again...So dumb me!??! No not at all… Never...I write those words listening through my headphone 1000 and one times.....and rehearse it 100 and 1 times and the person who is victimized is my dear hubby... I’ll sing to him (especially while he driving the car…he has no other option but forced to listen to my "sweet" voice and drive) with my own charanam, sruthi (Pls don’t ask me the meaning or definition technical terms in Music) . I hear these words often in “Super Star 2009” in Asianet which I watch rarely these days as the “REMOTE” will be confiscated by my Son and daughter to watch “The Pink Panther Show” screened on Pogo TV the same time which my son adorns…..

Watch me in this space with exciting and peppery and salty notes……..!!!

Until then “Keep smiling” and “Take good care”

Sumy Sunil

I take this opportunity to thank my friends wholeheartedly who have driven me to this initiative.

I dedicate this site to my dear husband and my two enthusiastic naughty, bubbly Twins.

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