Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exceptional Teamwork

My daughter received this puzzle as their birthday gift from her dear Acchan, my hubby..( My son liked it too...but he had his share of gifts..mickey mouse and cars.....)They are too young for this, though…But still, my daughter wanted it as her birthday present ..I tried frantically to hide and keep out of their reach knowing the fact that by the time they are old enough to solve this arranging the picture puzzle, most of the pieces will be lost. After 2 days, I saved the remaining pieces of this fine art and hide it inside my shelf, assuming that they will not raid my shelf searching for their things......and I forgot about this altogether for so long as.... Somehow my detective daughter fished it out from the hidden place.

And we, as a family decided to shape out the final picture as we don’t have the box or the booklet that came along with it.

Here is the output….with some pieces missing at the corners. Luckily….

I’m planning to paste it permanently on a cardboard and make it as wall hanger or something…I’ve once again hidden it somewhere…hopefully I’ll get sometime later….

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  1. Hey glad to have you back but I guess I missed your posts as my reader is playing tricks by not showing your posts..
    How cute of you guys to do it all together. My son is obsessed with these puzzles as that is all they teach here in schools and I have a hard time searching and collecting these pieces and hiding them. But yeah he always finds it..
    Yeah it's an awesome idea to paste it and frame it as the first ever puzzle you finished as a family :)


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