Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 2010 has come to an end but still.......

I feel so bad that I have not posted anything so far...Hope all is well at your end...

We went on vacation to cochin for 4 days and we enjoyed it thoroughly...still not recovered from exhaustion..LOL...yeah...imagine taking care of two "going to be 6" tough, energtic, bubbling with dynamic energy...from where it gets generated..God alone whole body is aching....
(It's my don't dare steal it...this is the scene from the balcony of apartment hotel room where we stayed...emh...the God's own country...)

I had been stitching very little oflate....of course, cooking daily......aah....

but nothing has been posted here...what happened , u might be asking? time ...busy both at office and home...

but don't get usual i'll come with a bang..okay..

until then, keep smiling and take care..
Sumy Sunil


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