Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sema Comedy panren….

It has been a long absence that I took from this blog world. Luckily today I had time to squeeze in to write couple of lines from my heart. Good news is I got into project which made me hectic from morning till night…Bad news…not even have time to cook dinner for my family…not able to spend time for my kid’s homework…be with them for dinner time…. Good that my hubby has started cooking for the family..yup..yup…and my children does their homework under the guidance of my hubby…Bad that he has to shoulder my responsibilities at home….hahahaha….There should be a balance between the better halves right……..Oh ho!!!....

Coming back to my new project, it is good to be engaged with work during this recession hours where they are on look out for sacking bench people….But it drives one crazy when the requirements keep changing and you end up updating the same document “n” number of times using the enhanced features of MS-Word…LOL….

I’ve so many incidence to write about…Let me start some funny interesting happenings….

I was ranting about this Kid’s summer at my office in my previous post….It was the last day celebration..and all kids were performing dance and as usual I forgot to bring my camera to click pictures of them..(my hubby says you take pictures of all dishes you make and post it in blog..but you don’t take pictures of kids….the moment I start clicking pictures for my food blog…he goes “Aarambichitaya aarambichitta”….)....Gosh! I missed those moments... I was searching for some suitable employee whom I could rely on to get those photos emailed to me.. ..oh! I have seen her couple of times before in the pantry helping her daughter to drink milk in my project area …In fact, I have asked her whether she will be around till say 7:00pm with her daughter so that I can put my children along with her daughter while I go and attend my client meeting. She told me that she will be leaving early and I started cribbing to her that I’ve a client meeting till 7:00pm and I donno what to do with my kids when I ‘m away in the meeting..blah..blah..Oh ! a familiar face…I took a seat beside her. She has 2 daughter , one in class 10 and her sister in the summer camp..I introduced myself to her and humbly requested her to email me the photos once it is downloaded. She happily agreed. I enquired about her project. She goes introducing herself..and it so happened that she also belongs to my project. Oh ! great. I continued engaging her with more dialogues…So are you a project manager or something?..”nope..I manage the whole “ “ project….Still my mudhead didn’t work…My big mouth once again lost control….so you report to “X” (x is the delivery manager) ?..Nope…Mr X reports to Mr Y (delivery head) and in turn reports to me (General manager)..……I gave a shock and opened my mouth and closed it with my palm just right in front of her……..Can anyone imagine what a blunder I made?....I sat there beside her for the next 10 mintues me turning like stone and feltdumbhead…….It happens baby…but should not happen to anybody in this world…………..

Here is another one

My TL have booked a meeting room for discussing the weekly status with the onsite contrapart. Usually she books the same room “Narmada”. Because of the non-availability of usual room, she informed me that about the new meeting room “Kedarnath”. I was in middle of hectic workload, I didn’t get that registered in my mind. I started late from my desk. I rushed down from 5th to 4th floor, assuming that it should be somewhere in 4th floor. I checked couple of meeting room there. No sign of my team members. So enquired some guys sitting at 4th floor. They said that the Kedarnath is in 5th floor. Once again took the stairs and finally tracked down “Kedarnath”. Late by 15 mintues. The meeting has already started. I took the only chair available. My TL gave me a look. My boss, from the other side of the world, is already discussing about the status of some task. Tension gushed inside me. Attendance would have already been taken and logged in his status report. Has he finished discussing about my task…All these thought process were rushing my head…I was not mentally into the call…There was a sudden silence in the room ..for a pause…Suddenly, My boss started with a great stress and voice modulation“TO ME, …...”. I thought he is asking me about something “SUMY….” It rhymed with my name…”TO ME”..and “SUMY..” ..I immediately jumped onto the speaker phone..and “Hi Ron, Good morning, Please tell me..”…All my team members waved at me with a “No..No…”…Then I realized that it is “TO ME..”…Luckily, the mute button was enabled…I hit my head with my hand and hid myself under the table….Every one was laughing to glory…..

Sema comedy panren…in office too……….


  1. ha,ha..(sorry,but had to laugh)..I totally empathise with you,bigger blunders have happened to me- atleast you've the guts to present it infront of your readers.kudos.

  2. lol..i was loling hard happens n has happened to me all the time while i was working..even worse I say..esply the 2nd kinda scenario's..:D

  3. @Deepa and Varsha....still my collegues make fun of me saying this over and over again...and makes me laugh too....

  4. Sis wish i wud hav been ther to njoy all these...


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