Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Camp at my office

(Vava in cream color frock dancing and Monu in green color shirt behind dancing too!!!!!)

It’s been a marathon run for me and my children for last 2 weeks..solid 9 days. Wake them up by 7:00 and make them brush, take bath and get dressed..bare minimum…forget about breakfast…making them eat or eating all by themselves so early by 7:30..No way of opening our mouth…tight lipped..my daughter is happy that I’m not forcing her to eat something….Me running between kitchen to answer my cook and bedroom to listen/shout/instruct/compromise with my kids……..maen, by 8:00, I finish my washing cloths, taking bath, breakfast and running between bedroom, kitchen and living room trying to finish up whatever possible. The only good thing happen is that my office cab picks us right in front of my gate. Thank God, otherwise I just can’t imagine ..me running around 2 bubbly kids with my office bag, lunch bag, and their lunch bags and another bag for change of clothes in case if it is required. Off we go and reach office by 8:45. My kids are fascinated to be in my office. Monu goes “Why amma so many TV’s in your office?”..It is not TV..it is desktop..Sorry he has seen only laptop at home. My daughter is excited to see coffee machine with lots of options for hotwater, capaccino, expresso, milk, steam and what not. She goes on to fill in her share of coffee. Spill it all over the table and I keep cleaning the table. Running between my desk and restroom to siphon out their bladder. This goes on till they get to their summer camp starting at 9:30.

They have lots of activities like puppet show, movies, dance, drawing, coloring, arts, crafts, cookery..what not..you name it, they are busy at something or the other.

I join them once again during lunch hours. Starting from 1:00 ..goes on for an hour till they finish. Then once again back to their camp with rest of the activities.

I get many complaints from other girls in the camp. Aunty, monu is tickling me..pinching me, hitting me…I give them a big smile and big hug. Can’t help, dear.

Back to my desk and get engrossed with my new project. I, infact, get a reminder call from the organiser to pick them at 5:30. Oops! I’m on my way.

My meetings start with my counterpart at 5:30…Thanks to my neighbours, ladies..they keep engaging them with teasing them, giving them snacks, and asking them to draw, sing , dance and me locked with other peers in the conference room endlessly for next 2 hr. Physically sitting there, and mentally with my children..if they want to go the restroom what will my friends do?...checking my mobile often in case I have a missed call.

And finally I’m out and rush to my desk to find either they are more happy to be in the company of my friends or in a bad mood if the teasing and ragging becomes too much for them to handle. If I’m on time for my office cab, thank God, grab all those bags and drag them out to get into the cab.

By the time, they reach home..almost 30 to 45 mintues drive, they fell asleep. Then they go straight to bed. Good night.

Next morning, it is the same routine……..

End of it, they enjoyed a lot….and still they wanna to come to my office….
(Monu receiving certificate and a bag ...last day farewell celebration)...Monu tore the certificate into bits and pieces........on reaching home..........
(Monu dressed as spiderman........)
(Vava waiting for her part of cake)
(Farewell cake.....)
(Monu about to receive the certificate and bag)


  1. lolz couldn't stop laughing...the little guy tore the certificate to bits and pieces...hee. my son does the same with all the things he makes at play school...Tells me Y bother to clutter his room with all this paper?? That he says when his room is always cluttered with every type of cars u can imagine.

    Good to hear that your kids enjoyed your office..my son is going to have his vacation for two months starting this weekend...am getting a feeling am not gonna enjoy the vacation much :)

    hey where have you been now a days?? busy with project? no time to hop on other ppl's blog? missed ya sumy penne

  2. yikes..got a headache after reading this..doesn't it make you wish that we were back in school?

  3. lol..vayichu enikku tension aayi..:P..pinne u alive or wat??:D

  4. Hellllooooooo,

    I'm very much alive. I know many beautiful people are visiting my blog. I'm helpless as I'm very BUSY...with my project and my life .....I'm feeling bad that I'm unable to peep in my favourite blogs too....

    Hopefully my project will come to a slowdown pace so that i can chip in something interesting that happened in past few weeks...

    Maen, i 've lots to write...lots of funny happening about the project, about people ...lotsa of incidence which i want to share with you all...I'm planning to write the topics in a piece of paper while i commute to office...so that i don't forget....

    Will soon catch you all up..sooner or later

    Take care and keep smiling ;-) :-)



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