Monday, September 14, 2009

Another treasure from my Pandora box- Beads, beads and beads...

I’m happy to see the treasure bag full of beadworks of mine with lotsa of bead packets and a box full of beads. My DH is not happy though. He says that money is locked in here for nothing. When invested, there should be some returns. Naah!!! I don’t mind.

My first project on beadwork started way back in school days. My first was slide with letter “WELCOME”. I don’t remember where I have that now. Should be at my amma’s home. Next time when I go to my hometown, I will definitely take a click and post it in my blog. Then I believe it is “Swamy Saranam” ..praising “Lord Ayyappa”. This also should be in my amma’s place..Emh..As I write this note, memories are flowing…

Forget about the past.

Coming to the recent past…LOL…
My bead project started with this. I had a neighbour from Madurai and she had a huge collection of beadworks. I could do only few of those masterpieces with the free time I got then with my twins around. The issue was my son was very naughty and the moment he sees some beads lying on the floor , he immediately picks it up and puts it in his month and bites and chews it with that “Kadukku, kadukku” sound. I’ve to force open his mouth by holding his cheeks tightly which gives him great amount of pain. I put one of my fingers to flush the bead out of his mouth and he goes crying out to my DH that amma pressed my cheeks!!! Sobs…So I wait till they go to sleep. The moment they are awake, I pack my bead box and hide it in my shelf.

(Lord Venkateswara, Balaji, Srinivasa, Perumal, Venkatachalapathy)

(Goddess Meenakshi)

(The couple).

I've to hunt for a good person who could frame it well. Once I gave this for framing and he made a bad job out of it. I got angry and just told him "What have you done?". Before i could complete, he removed the whole frame work within minutes. Still I didn't get it why he undid his work?...But at the end of it, my beads which makes the border (last row down below), all got broken. I got really angry. But then it was futile. I just walked out of the shop disappointed.

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