Thursday, September 3, 2009

Detached chain stitch - lazy daisy work

Here is another small project from my end on another plain chudithaar.

I have used detached chain stitch/lazy daisy profusely and little bit of stem stich for the stem and for the leaves i've used didn't come out well, though

(The full picture of the top)

(The hand portion)

(The hand portion in a broader view)

(Neck portion)

(A wider view of the neck region)

(The bottom portion of the top)


  1. beautiful design.satin stitch needs a little more practice. Haven't you stitched anything on the center of the flowers?

  2. thanks deepa for the comment. I have not stitched anything at the center. Will stitch some jamki in future.

  3. got the design from this site...(Courtesy to this site)


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