Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today we had a new visitor!!!!

My dear daughter, Vava rushed out from my kitchen store room and banged at me while I was also entering the kitchen…dishum…she looked scared…she held me tightly and goes on “Puuchha ma puuchha..avidey. (Cat..Mummy..Cat..there) .and held my nightie so tightly and dragged me to the kitchen”…I didn’t see or hear any cat there. I said “Nothing is here”..”Vava ikki thoniyadu airikkum”..You were imagining…

She didn’t enter the kitchen not even to sneak her favourite murukku and mixture when she feels hungry.

In the middle of the night, I was feeling thirsty and my DH has finished the water jug kept on the table. I entered the kitchen and switched on the light to fill the jug. Suddenly I heard “meiyo meiyo”…oh..Vava was right?..There is a cat here inside my kitchen store. I switched on the store room lights too. I scanned and to my amazement I saw a big cat lying curled. I sensed that the mother cat is lying with some newly born kitten. Shoot!!!..I don’t want to disturb them. I quickly switched the lights of the kitchen store and the kitchen as well.

The next morning, me too, I was little scared to enter the kitchen store. Why am I scared?..Will the mother cat will attack me if I enter? Does it think that I ‘ve entered for harming its babies?

I was eagerly waiting for my cook to arrive. I informed her about this as soon as she arrived. She started with some interesting want to hear…”You will get lots of money in recent future”..ahha..not a bad idea…lotsa of money coming in..from where?..God alone knows…hahaha…then she continues…some more interesting facts about cats…”You know when it pies, it digs hole and pies and closes it with mud”..I was marveled with this fact..”is it so?”..oh yeah…hats off for their cleanliness attitude…she continues..there is infact a story behind this..Oh yeah..what is it?..”Wolf used to say that atleast by swallowing some of cats output, let me get some brains like Cat”…so the cats thinking that wolf will take it, it hids its…@#$@#$%$$....i laughed and laughed…She continues “Unmathanga”..”It is true, madam”..LOL…

Now the point is how can I kick this cat family from my kitchen store?...I asked for my cook’s help…She is not hell of a lady…..”Oru periya kutchi kudungha..verattidallaam”….”Give me a long stick….it can be kicked out”…I came back with a long stick cut down from neem tree in my front yard….In the mean time, Vava woke up and rushed to the kitchen to watch the hungama…I asked to wake monu as well (my dear son)…

My cook kicked out the mother cat..It ran to the living room and escaped through the window..On seeing this, Vava was ROFL…and monu joined also without understanding what is the commotion?...which made me laugh too.

Then there they are…2 beautiful kittens sleeping and curled in the corner of the last shelf..where I’ve kept some unused jute bags…I hardly touch those areas…One black and one sort of gray.

My cook, with the help of cardboard, took both the kittens out and kept out near the well completely covered so that no other living being will try to eat it or kill it. I was so sad to have them thrown out of the house.

Immediately lists of questions were shot at me by Vava. “Endhanu oru puucha karathirikkunu..oru puucha velluthirikkinu…”.(why one cat is black while the other cat is white in color?) .”Endu puucha aanu” (what is the gender of the cat?). I replied that just like each person has different color, every cat has different color…I told her I don’t know their gender…She continues….”Amma alley parasavikkiya..appo ammakki ariyo? (Mother only delivered the baby so did she know?)..i raised my eyebrows and said should be?..Amma Cat knows it…She continues ..”Appo endhanu peruvechirukkunnadu?..(Then what is the name?)..I replied ..”one is Monu and the other is Vava”..She got satisfied..It lightened her face…she gave a innocent and ignorant laugh…..and she repeated the whole conversation of mine and her to Dear husband…..

I thanked my cook and I saw the mother cat continuously shouting “miyo..miyo”..I talked to her saying your kids are fine and they are being kept behind the wall, inside the basket, safely..Go find it out..They are safe..Don’t worry”..I wonder whether it got the message…She continued her “miyo..miyo”..back to me…….


  1. Hey sumy how is Tanu. I think she has not stopped asking so many questions.

    I am missing them,but atleast i am hearing about them through your blog..Thanks a lot for sharing those beautiful talks of your kids.

    My regards to Tanu and Tarun....

  2. huh!! cats are cute...I hope they bring you a lot of luck...atleast let that package of threads which were sent to you reach there...please God ,be kind to me and sumy...

  3. @Anu, Fine ma how are you and your hubby? Good to see some nice post after a very long time.
    Thanu and Tharun are fine. thanu asks about you sometime back like where are you?..have you gone to your home town? Take care, keep in touch

    @deepa, Package of threads still on the way, i believe..or as u said some postwoman would have end up in some embroidery work....God only knows where exactly it is...


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