Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My new blog on Needle, Threads and Crafts

I've started this blog http://sumysunil.blogspot.com for voicing my thoughts, to talk about more of my dear children, and very little on DH.

As time progressed, I started posting some food recipes being motivated by other food bloggers. So I decided to move all those food related posts to my food blog http://sumysadukazha.blogspot.com

Now my latest craziness is on various embroidery, quilting and BOM's.
I'm moving all my Art and Craft related posts to a new blog http://sumyskaithozhil.blogspot.com

Please check it out.

I wish and hope my visitors motivate me by posting some comments and visiting these sites.

Wish me good luck,

Sumy Sunil

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