Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Full view of Lord Ganesha)

(Lord Ganesha)

(Complete Work...with border and all)

I was learning embroidery and needle works from one of my neighbour, named Sangeetha, when i was living in Hosur, a small town on the border between Karnataka and TamilNadu, India. I was out of work and was spending my full time with my twins. So back to stitching lessons, I learned good number of stitches and one of the stitch was patchwork. Somehow i liked it so much. In fact she showed me her piece of patchwork for me. I was so interested that I did the whole work all by myself. It was a challenge by itself.

I started it with my own idea.but later i've to undo the whole thing. I really learned it in a hardway. It was interesting. If I remember right, i took almost 1 and 1/2 months to finish this piece of amazing art work.

(Lord Ganesha's vehicle..Moonjhur..rat)

Check this out. This is one of the treasure that i found from my Pandora Box..My adorable Lord Ganapathi......

My next quest is to find a good place where they can do some pretty decent frame for this patchwork of mine. I'm bit scared to give this for framing as i had some bitter experience before when i gave for framing my bead work...which is another treasure inside my pandora box...LOL...hang on for my next post on my classic bead works......

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