Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aval Uppuma and Carrot Chutney

(Breakfast : Aval Uppuma with Carrot chutney)
It’s Good Friday today…10/04/2009…Being an early riser, my eyes opened sharply at 6 0’clock in the morning with no hesitation...….with a nagging thought that I’ve to go to office when my dear hubby has a holiday and dear children is enjoying their summer vacation…..I was in no mood to get up from my cousy bed….But had to at least to open the gate for my cook…….I picked up the milk packets and newspaper scattered in the front porch… usual ritual in the morning……I waited and waited till 7 o’clock for my cook…She didn’t turn up…me scratching my head entered the kitchen to do some breakfast for the family… …It’s been long time since I’ve cooked a real full course…..have become a lazy bum…..I settled myself to cook some Aval uppuma and chutney for breakfast…….

To make Aval Uppuma :
1. Take 2 cup of Aval and wash it thoroughly with water 2-3 times. Sieve the washed Aval so that water drains off completely. Make sure the Aval should not become more soggy.
2. Add 1tsp of salt to this soaked Aval and mix thoroughly so that it is equally distributed. Keep it aside for 5 minutes.
3. In the mean time, Chop 3 large Green bell Peppers/Capsicums into smaller pieces. Then chop 2 tomatoes and 2 onions and slit 2 green chilies, some curry leaves for seasoning.

4. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai, add 1 tbsp mustard seed, few uzhudu dhal seed, few kadala paruppu. Sim the burner so that these seeds do not get charred. When the seeds change the color to light brown, add 2 onions chopped and fry it until they are slightly golden. Add curry leaves and stir. Then add 2 chopped tomatoes to the mix and stir fry. Then add the chopped capsicums and fry for a minute or 2 till it is soft.
5.Then add the soaked Aval to the above mix, and mix it well thoroughly (sim the burner). Later you can mix some grated coconut over it. Aval uppuma is ready!!!!!

To make Carrot-chutney:
1. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai, add few uzhudu dhal seed and few kadala paruppu. Sim the burner so that these dhal seeds do not get charred. When the seeds change the color to light brown, add 2 onions chopped and 2 chopped tomatoes, 2 green chilly and 1 big chopped carrot. Fry it till it becomes soft. Add salt to taste. Let it cool down.
2. Grind the above mix.

3. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai, add few mustard seed. Allow it to burst. Then add the curry leaves and immediately remove from the burner. Pour it on the grinded mix.

Viola!!! Carrot chutney …..
Aval Uppuma and Carrot Chutney ...I'm sending to Neha's "FIC-Red and Green", event started by Harini and to Sunshinemom of Tongue Ticklers


  1. U too brutus!!! U joined the food blogger club haan? Congrats but keep the post on ur kids coming ok... love to read abt them. The carrot halwa looks divine.

  2. ha ha, finally u made something to please all food blogger. Wish ur cook comes late everyday! Great entry!

  3. @ Sakshi, Thanks for welcoming me to food blogger's club....I'm not that great cook like others..I've posted what I've cooked ...whenever my cook doesn't turn up....BTW, it is not carrot is carrot chutney..

    @Cham, hahahaha.....Aiyo...appadi solladingha...illa na rombha kastham life....

  4. Gosh trust me it was a slip of the tongue...errr...fingers!! I wanted to say carrot chutney only but the damn halwa came in between...chory gal!!!


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