Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dinner is ready!!! ….Still waiting….

Finally I got a project after a long gap, which played an important role in making me an ardent blogger..But time to go back to some serious coding and stuff…The mahila sangam that I had been boosting off, often and on, is no more..We all got split..sobs!!!…I’m taking it with a positive stroke that everything is for good…new project, new location, new friends …everything new new…..I liked my office…The project has kicked off with a great bang..The whole of this week is training, training , training……Not able to even type in some few sentences for my blog…Still catching up….Anyways, good in all perspective………Reaching home late at 8 0’clock these days catching all possible transport facilities to reach home…auto, share-auto, bus….

I got this call from dear hubby at 6:45pm while I in the share-auto going back home ..”hey, how to make avil uppumma?”..”what?”…I exclaimed surprisingly…My hubby has never cooked for me so far all these 9 years of marriage…

I have heard pathetic stories that he burnt the cooker gasket cooking rice without pouring water in the bottom….or it is over cooked like payasam….or cooked rice and had got curd, or the puliogarey/ lemon rice mix from super market when I leave him alone while going to my native place.

My daughter too joined the call along with husband over the speaker phone. I gave my usual step-by-step procedure. “Wash and drain the excess water..”..My daughter is instructing my husband word-by-word as I’ve instructed. Then to make it simple, I asked him to grate coconut and add sugar to it and mix thoroughly. I was wondering what would be the output….

Very inquisitively, called up once again to find out the progress…”Dinner is ready..dear”…Still ½ hr to reach home……”No worries..”….”Still waiting?”…I was remembered of an ad…some refrigerator ad…..

Reached home and to my surprise, my children were enjoying the aval uppumma..seasoned with onion and chenna dal seeds and grated coconut over it. Waah!!!!....I tasted it and asked him how did he do the whole thing?.....My daughter answered me “ we washed and put turmeric powder..then kaduku ittu thaalichu “..But then, the yellow color was uniform throughout which I hardly get when I prepare…So mused…I asked what is the secret behind this uniformity..yellow?...My husband quickly responded “simple, kept on putting turmeric powder till we got the required color”…Ah!!! Lemme check the bottle how much turmeric powder is remaining? OK…No worries….Didn’t argue with him?.....Appreciated for his great effort…..

But I’ll tell you…the dinner was superb …Aval uppuma was yum…ingredients being love, love and lots of love……………..


  1. Ohh boy u lucky I am longing to get back to work just to get this kind of treatment otherwise once in a while I have to fake illness to get this love dinner from my husband.
    So hope your project won't keep you away from blogging...

  2. Aw..!! It's so nice of him to cook for you.Enjoy the pampering.

    My hubby never cooked for me ever, he would rather get a pizza and put it on the table! :D

  3. Ah, that is real great when husb can cook something for us or for the kid. My husb will definetly feed from outside food.

  4. lucky you that the dish came out well :) was there no heavy clean up in the kitchen afterwards?

  5. @Deepa, He cleaned the place too...may be hide the mess that he made...:D

    @Cham, I donno why my hubby decided to cook by himself...usually he will buy from outside..the std dosa, iddli...

    Thanks, Asha, shakshi and Anu


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