Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ragi Sevai Uppuma

We hit the beach yesterday evening (Sunday, 12 April 2009)…. Easter day..…We found some place to sit comfortably and peacefully….my children came armed with their beach play set..they were having gala time…throwing sand at each other….making big mountains….house and whatever they could imagine….After they got bored with the sand, my hubby and children rushed towards the water to enjoy the cold water touching their small feet … drenched in the water from top to bottom…..My hubby’s school mate and his family met us up the beach..….We spend some time together and departed when it started to become dark….We snacked on some sondal and masala pori….on the way back home……

Prepared Ragi Sevai uppuma for dinner…A quick and easy one…..

To make Ragi Sevai uppuma:

1. Soak the Ragi Sevai in water for 2-3 minutes. Add salt to this water while soaking. Sieve it so that water drains off completely. Make sure the Ragi Sevai should not become more soggy. Keep it aside. After say 5 minutes, pressure cooker it for 5 minutes.

2. Chop 2 onions and slit 2 green chilies, 2-3 red chilly. Can also add some groundnut and pottu (chutney) kadalai. Some curry leaves for seasoning.

3. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai, add 1 tbsp mustard seed, few uzhudu dhal seed, few kadala paruppu and groundnut and pottu (chutney) kadalai. Sim the burner so that these seeds do not get charred. When the seeds change the color to light brown, add 2 onions chopped, slit 2 green chilies, 2-3 red chilly and fry it until they are done. Add curry leaves and stir fry.

4.Then add the cooked Ragi Sevai to the above mix, and mix it well thoroughly using fork(sim the burner)…….. Voila, Ragi Sevai uppuma!!!!!


  1. Yep Beach is fun, inni?? Me loves it too.
    And di u say u liked Sakshi's answer?? Well...U don't really think I'll stand there and ask 2 men where the loo is..when I don't even wanna piss. I jus wanna go to heaven for god's sakes...literally.

    Yea well...When pissitoium calls..I go..delegently. Hahaa...ur answer was fun.
    U thot my posts funny?? :->

  2. Anand, Cool maen..I was just kidding.....
    keep visiting me often..Thanks

  3. WOW! That is so unique and bet tastes delicious too, love Ragi. Good one! :)

  4. Sumy is everything ok with your cook's health?? Man your family must be pretty happy if she is sick and you are cooking up all that stuff...So you guys enjoyed the beach?? Here its so windy that if we ever go to a beach am sure we will be soon sailing off into the sea without boarding any boat..
    Out of your 3 dishes my fave is the Aloo bread sandwich..I love to munch on these any time. Haa noticed the modern atta bread in ur pic. I used to buy them when was in good old guess will never get out of this missing India syndrome.
    Happy Vishu to u and ur family!!

  5. oh god..enikku vazhi thettiyo? Few days I missed this space n by then a food blog was born here sumy kuttiii..:)..Lovely upma..n that sandwich n everything...yummyyyyyyy.I am running crazy wit cooking cleaning for Vishu tomorrow..kani vakkunnundo??

  6. I ve blogged the sweet one but savory is delicous ! Happy New Year!

  7. Nice upma and with raagi sevai very healthy too.

  8. @Vandana...
    Thanks for the comments...
    Thanks for visiting my blog....
    Please do visit again....

  9. @ Cham,

    Your post on Vermicelli payasam is yummy........Happy new year!!!!
    Inniya puthandu vazhthukal....

  10. @ Varsha,

    Vazhi Tettitonum illa…:D....

    Happy vishu to you and your kutts….

    Kani konna…I’m searching the whole place near my house…not even a single kani tree here…This year we have to do without the kani konna, I believe…

  11. @Sakshi, My cook is fine…she had some commitments at didn’t turn up for 2 days…Then once when I get involved in cooking, then no one can stop me…just like blogging…get addicted to the task and drive my whole family crazy…Yep, my hubby is the happiest person on earth when my cook doesn’t turn up…he goes “Bhagiyam, korey nallu kazhiju home food kittinu…”…then calls me up or sms me with “thank you notes…”…”nice lunch!!!”….In fact, he begs me to give leave every Sunday…
    Happy Vishu to you and your family too….

  12. Asha Akka,
    It's a great pleasure and honor to get a comment on my preparation....Thanks akka..
    Ragi is healthy too....


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