Friday, April 24, 2009

Ragi Illa Adda

let me post the Ragi Illa (banana leaf) Adda

The stuffing goes into the adda:

To the grated coconut, add 1-2 tsp of sugar (according to your taste). Then add some powdered cloves to it and mix thoroughly. Instead of sugar, one can add grated jaggerry too.

How to prepare Ragi Adda:

Add some salt to water and pour it on the ragi powder and rice powder and mix it thoroughly so that it becomes a dough just like one prepare for chappathi. One can also add some jeeram seeds while doing the dough.

Take a ball of dough(tennis ball), and press it smoothly on a small piece of banana leaf ( 10 * 10 cm) to make it a layer covering the whole of the leaf.

Then spread the stuffing over this ragi + rice dough layer and fold the whole layer by half like a notebook fold.

Keep inside iddili cooker or the normal pressure cooker without whistle.
Allow it to cook for 10-15 mintues.


  1. Thanks for your comment about the "Enna Kodumai sir idhu" series in my blog.
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  2. That sounds authentic and healthy!

  3. Hey Sumy, thought you were busy with a project at your office...and now u go and post a dozen post?? haa so the new project involves cooking and designing clothes?? The recipes are awesome and yup liked ur designs too

  4. @Sakshi, I 'm busy with my project and training...luckily on friday the planned training was I posted a lotsa of drafts saved ..still a lot more pending too.....No time , u know....

    @ Divya...It's good and healthy...children would love to have a grab

    @ Vignesh....Thanks for visiting me.....and keep visiting often.....


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