Friday, March 27, 2009

Already a month over!!!!

Hey ladies and gentlemen!!!
I didn’t realize that I’ve completed my first month of blogging………Posted almost 16 post…Many comments for my blogs….Not bad…”Self pat on my back is the best self motivator”…it keeps me going…..
Looking forward for your continued support…..
Take care and keep smiling,
Sumy Sunil


  1. Wow what a product full first month...guess ur blog is way over the depression that has hit the world..16 posts...haa can't even dream of that..even 1 post a month is like a lifeline for mine..Loved ur post Not my piece of cake...My son who is 4 yrs old says the same every time he comes back from play school..I don't like gals, they talk too much, they don't like cars, they have long hair(sigh!!)...etc..etc.. When he says gals are bad and boys are good I put up a sad face and say but mama is a gal and then he quickly adds Ohh u r the sweetest gal I have ever u see that assures me that he is one boy who when the right time and gal comes his way will get away with taking her heart with kiddy tales...keep blogging abt ur kids :)

  2. Sakshi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog....and keep visiting me again...Thanks for the comment too...Sumy


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