Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Daughter – A girl of strength

Females are born with inbuilt framework of tolerance and strength to face this world of inequality with magnanimity. They are born packed with patience, sense of caring, affection, compassion for others etc etc full of positivism. No wonder my daughter is not less than what I’ve described here. She makes my spirit high with the kind of power she has in her. I bow my head to the whole women folks in this world without whom this world would have been a graveyard.

On the other day, her cold aggravated so much that her ears started paining. She was knowledgeable enough to say that she wants to go to the doctor. She is hardly a 5 year old girl. I grabbed my pocket bag and we were off to the hospital. My hubby had gone out for a college reunion. I was holding her hand and we were like almost running. I could not able to see her face covered with tears rolling down her glowing eyes. The clinic was hardly 5 minutes walk from my home. We crossed the main road. We got token no 14. We took a seat and asked my daughter to take her seat. She was tightly holding on to me. She could not bear the pain any longer. She was almost rolling over my lap with her hand pressed against the ears. She tried to focus her attention to something else..looking at other children..the bus plying on the main road. She tried to control her tears. She is rubbing off with her hand. She was handling the whole situation very diligently. I was silently admiring her strength – a women’s strength.

I decided to act soon. I requested the next patient to go in, to allow my daughter to consult the doctor as next patient. She denied giving her own reasons. Fine. I continued my request to the “The next” patient . That kind hearted person was observing my daughter’s pathetic situation and he agreed immediately. Oh! I thanked him. My daughter, in the mean time, started crying. I pacified, kissed her and massaged her back. It was almost 20 mintues after that we finally entered the doctor’s room.

She cried out loudly on seeing the doctor. The pain must have reached heights. The doctor quickly diagnosed and prescribed some medicines. On the way back home, we were running hand in hand, crossing the main road once again, reached the nearest pharmacy and requested the pharmacist to give the pain killer syrup and ear drop immediately. He goes saying that ear drop is out of stock. Oh no! I was devasted. Where will I go with her at 8:00 pm to catch hold of this ear drop? Seeing my plight, the assistant of pharmacist was kind enough to extend his help in getting it from the nearest store. In the mean time, I offered my daughter the available medicines. Within few minutes, the assistant came back with the ear drop. I poured 3 drops on to her ears. Paid the bill and once again, I carried her on my hip with her head resting on my shoulder and started walking faster.

Reached home, persuaded her to eat at least some sweat bun, but she is no mood. My son came enquiring about her ear pain. My daughter by then fell asleep. I was sitting beside her admiring her inner beauty feeling proud of her.

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