Thursday, March 5, 2009

Koolluruthada Sami…

People working inside Centralized Air Conditioning (CAC) buildings would have, is and will be suffering from this heavy cold, not so cold, cold, warm, hot temperature’s at different pockets in the same floor!!! Ah! I sit right under the inlet (so the so called cold spot) part of the whole complicated system. I’m getting this marooned-to-antartica kind of feeling, freezing. I remember the comedy in of the tamil movie, the famous Koundamani says something like this that the kidney itself will exchange its position…One can really relish the wit when you hear it in tamil itself..It goes something like this, I believe “Koolluruthaanga mudialla da sami..kidney kudu edamaridum pollarikkudo..samiyoo”. Forgive me for my poor tamil knowledge. Jokes apart. I wonder whether any kind enough person who have called the concerned mechanic or AC supervisor or whatever the heck his designation is!!! To my knowledge, nope, I believe. We, Indians, complain and rattle hours together to the core but hardly few people take that first decisive step to lead the whole team. To make matter worse, we like delegation. We say “you ask, you ask”.

I thought “vellakki avathu” (no point in waiting). Dialled my receptionist. Got the number of the AC guy. There the comedy starts. I talked in plain tamil “Ennaga AC high-a-irrukku…Koncham korachha nalla irrukkum…” [ What Sir, AC is high. It will be nice if you reduce it]. He asked about my location, seat number and said he will reduce it. Then it dawned on me, I continued the conversation.. Let me ask me at what temperature he has set it currently? He goes “22 Degree”. What!!! What the heck is going on? “Epppa…Sir, please reduce it further”. He goes “ I can reduce it to 24 degree or I will switch off for 5 mint”. What difference does it make? I told him “ Switch it off for 20 mint”…I heard a giggle from the other side. ”Not will take some time for re-cooling”. I finally told him “Boss, you please do something about it”. He had accepted it. This is going on for past 1 week. It was narrating the whole episode to my hubby while driving to office. He silently listened and started with knowledge transfer. He says in the whole system, there are inlets/ducts and outlets. When they switch on the AC, the cool air enters the building through the inlets and the warm air which were in the closed room is sucked out by the outlet/ return-air (hot spots). This hot air is circulated through some coolers outside the building and is pumped in back to the room as cool air/dehumidified air through the inlet duct. He adds further to the story that when the AC guy has said 22 degrees my hubby asks me whether the temperature of Conditioner is set at 22 degrees or the temperature at the inlet duct is 22 degree or temperature at the desk!?!. I was totally lost with this whole funda of AC working!!! I laughed out which is the last thing I can do. Hats off to the invention.

Sumy Sunil

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