Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pain of tooth scaling!!!!

Yesterday morning, I got out of my bed with a swelling inside my mouth and I felt some pain near my last teeth . I thought my wisdom teeth is coming out that too now at this age!!! I asked my hubby to have a look at the situation by handling him a torch. He gave a scan and said nothing. Some reddish color at the end. Could be that I’ve chewed my inner tissues!!! Ah. I ignored the pain for that moment to prepare for my usual routine work with my children……….

At office, I started running temperature and to add to the fire, I had this running nose too. The AC as usual was blasting peak. It still aggravated my sinus. Oh! The more I wanted to be back home in the evening to visit a dentist, the more it was getting delayed. I had a town hall meeting to attend and got over only at 5:30pm. I took an auto back home. Stopped at the dentist. Lucky me, I happened to the first patient. I was asked to wait at the reception area. The whole place was pleasant with lots of paintings hanging on the wall with gloomy lights. It gave me a feeling that I was sitting on a hotel lobby.

The lady Dentist came out and ushered me in and offered me to occupy that dentist chair that typically one can see in any hospital. The room was painted in fluorescent green color. The sofa, the cushion of dentist chair and other furniture was in orange color. I got the feeling as though I have entered a kid’s room. So colorful. Cool. She offered me to occupy that dentist chair typically one can see in any hospital. She told me to rinse the mouth. Here we go. She started putting all her equipments. The mirror and the biceps. She gave a sound..AAhh!! I was happy that she found out the problem. She said that I had been chewing my inner cheek muscles . Hence it developed into a small wound type of thing. The pus has got accumulated and hence it pains when I continue to chew!!! Oh!!! It runs in the family…I’m reminded of a similar situation which my brother faced last month. He had also faced the same problem and he had to do a small surgery type of thing to cut open the wound to remove all the pus and dead cells using a local anesthesia. My father (he is no more. He left us alone in the world on Dec 11th, 2001) also had same experience more often than not. Definitely, it is The Family Thing!!!

Then she called up for her assistant for further help. He used a tube which throw both water and air in high speed. I believe it helps in washing away the dirt. The dentist was trying to remove the dirt in the last tooth. She said that she will prescribe some drug and asked me to wait at the reception. Oh! I was thinking that there might be some cavity and thing like that..Appa escape!

She came after some time and told me that this drug does not help me unless I do scaling of the teeth (meaning cleaning) because the dirt in my teeth will further worsen the wound. The infection is too high. She scared me saying that it might lead to some pre-malign blah blah..What!?! Scaring me..She read my thought..She continues stating “It does not mean that!!! It will be good…blah blah..”..I was also thinking why not clean oops scale my teeth. OK! Here I go once again back to the dentist room.

Ah! The ordeal starts now. I suffer from this hypersentivity too. It was like terrible when she started cleaning with the assistant simultaneously using the air gusher type of a tube. I was closing my eyes. Hand clutched to the seat. My legs shooted to the sky when the pain was pricking. The dentist was using this machine (c-device scaler, that is what the dentist told me) to scrap off the dirt right at the root of each teeth. I raised my hand to stop the process. My mouth was filled with water. I spat it out. Blood..oh no!! I quickly rinsed with water. And once again…EEEhhhhh!!! Ppppppppssssssssssssssssh!!! Isssssssshhhhhhhh!!! All was as though in a Yani Concert!!! The different pitch ..high low….I was wishing to get over with this process….It took 15 mintues to accomplish this take..Anyways, I’m happy that at the end of the whole pain, it is worth the effort with shining teeth and bright smile.

Sumy Sunil

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  1. I was wondering that tooth scaling is long procedure but we should go to dentist before its too late and we are finding a way to how to pull a tooth . This post is great.


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