Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes - Comic Strips

Have you met anybody in this world who does things over and over again consistently, daily to the Tee? Nope, I believe. Me too. Welcome to our world… Enlightened by some health conscious morning walkers, I go for walking getting up early in the morning waking up at the stroke of the alarm. It goes on for couple of weeks. And for some reasons, if the habit breaks. End to that practice. Then getting back to the swing is bit difficult unless you have that self motivation alive in you. My hubby says that it takes 21 days for a human beings to get a habit into our system.

I used to read a good number of books in my school days , thanks to my school library. But now I hardly read anything, novels or anything for that matter. Reason being hardly any time. I look for some easy reasons to get out from trouble as others perhaps do!!! A few years back, I used to get forwards from one of my team member turned friend who has subscribed to some comic sites. I chanced to read couple of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips and got in love it. I used to laugh reading it along with my hubby who also joins me enjoying it. Then somehow, life took a different stride and somehow lost touch with those C & H hilarious strips. Recently I had a chance to read it. It is awfully great. But you know what, when I read now, I get a different feel and meaning to it . After a mother of 2 kids, these strips makes me to associate with my son. He too personifies more of Calvin. With some animals, mostly dinosaurs , or A bunny rabbit in his hand. I believe that he does not talk to it. He sleeps hugging it and if he doesn’t finds it beside him when I wakes up, one can see slight cry with tears tripping down like waterfall without any sound. One wonders, why, what happened!!! The big reason would be that his toy is missing from his hand. oh ho!!! I wonder the children’s psychology and their thought process and what goes on their mind. But he watches his toy car’s wheels and bumpers continuously for 5-10 mintues. Might be doing some research. Or whatever why the wheels are only round shape not triangle. Wonder their inquisitiveness. My hubby says he has some problem. It’s hightime we show him to the doctor.

I try to post some of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strips I’ve saved in my desktop. Maybe change it daily if it is possible too….

The strips that are featured in this section are picked up from various sites. Hence all the courtesy and copyrights are dedicated to them only. I’m just using it in my blog since I happened to be an ardent fan of C&H. I’m extremely sorry if any of you think that I've stolen these precious pieces. Please note that the copyright of these comic strips remains with Universal Press Syndicate and the author Bill Watterson.

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