Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Homework !!!!!!!!!!!

As My children have reached the last days of academic year, they don’t bring homework these days. Otherwise it would be like at live Tom & Jerry Show time ..My children and me…and homework…Sometimes homework would be a page of alphabets..small letter or a page of numbers…..Sometimes it comes at a stretch..2 to 3 pages… I quit!!!..It’s my job to make my children do their homework…My daughter as usual, girls..they eat, sleep, drink HW…she finishes as soon she opens the notebook…most of the days…There are unusual days for her too…My Son, oh! My son, oh! , My dear son…The moment I say he has some homework..He says “I will do it tomorrow…tomorrow”…with the deep grin on his face…No dear, then what happens when you get HW tomorrow also…I wonder what goes on his mind..some decisions, I believe..He reluctantly accepts to do his homework..the first 5 mintues will be like inertia of rest….He holds the pencil on the first line first letter but still keep on that blue line of the four line’s notebook…..Me in my mind, move baby…move your fingers….My soft voice will turn into a howling bark after that 5 mintues…Then it is non-stop horror movie of lots of sounds..”Write….”…He sobbing , or biting his pencil…or playing with eraser or goes on endlessly sharpening his pencil all by himself..till I raise my vocal chord….Sometimes my shouting will sound like some kind of slokas…Non stop shouting for 2-3 minutes…My son’s eyes will be thrusted only on my face…Something within me says “STOP it, STOP it now”….Then there will be complete silence “Oru mazha paidu kazhija polley”..(After a sudden downpour)…My son will finish off his homework within 5 minutes without any disturbance…In the mean time, my dear hubby invades the remote to his fully ownership to watch his favorite news channels during this stint in the living room…When my voice reverberates in the next room, he comes in to check me what I should be doing? If compassion is on me, fine…Otherwise, I’ll get mouthful from him…”Afterall, they are kids..What happened to your patience?”..The whole area knows that you are helping the kids with their HW…blah blah…Excuse me? Now who is shouting?...not me…what happened to the children?..My Son would have finished and would have confisticated the remote to see his favourite cartoon films in POGO channel..My hubby will be howling at them…”Give me the remote….I want to see news!!!...Give me…I’m going to switch off the TV..Ask the cable TV people to disconnect our connection….” Excuse me, who is howling now?......


  1. HeHe!! Husbands always think they are the better parents mainly because they don't deal with the kids day to day life but once in a while. Then they become heroes in the eyes of kids and we are the villains!!:P

  2. lol love this post...same with my hubby...when I howl at my son..he tells me all the pros and cons of abusing a little growing mind and when the table turns on him he forgets abt the brain and the boy and even though he doesn't howl like me he makes sure that we all know he is the boss of the house...lol.
    Homework..ohh what's that? Here in this country they don't give any damn thing to do at home..I keep asking my son what u did at school and he answers with a lazy grin...whatever it was I did it at school...Hmmmphhh!!!

  3. lol..am yet to experience all these..:)


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