Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enna kodumaiya edu!!!

Have you underwent the pain of waiting endlessly to get your salwar/chudithaar stitched from tailor? I believe many of us have faced “N” number of times. It is really a pain at the backside. This always happens to me. I change the tailor after a big fight.

I don’t usually fight or shout bad words at others especially to people outside the family. I play dignified to outsiders. I was always a silent observer and always at the receiving end. I don’t know whether it is heights of tolerance breakdown or whatever after that “X” number of hilarious experience. Looks like I’ve graduated to the next level after years of silent receiver. The giver.

I’ve met different type of tailors to give a background. I’ve a dedicated tailor near my home. He is not professional but still his stitching fits my taste. So I just put up with him even if I’ve to wait days to get my stitched chudi’s back. I felt it is worth it. So resilient to that silent receiver mode. I mostly accompany my hubby to this tailor always. He hates him. Once he tried to give him lecture on “Time management” and “future business continuity techniques by satisfying the customer by sticking to the time frame” and things like that. He tries to put his piece of gray cells onto his dumb-stone-mud head. This tailor no matter what, he works with his own non-procedural, no-timeframe deliveries. You just can’t change some people in this world. They are born to be like that. God’s Creation! Certain days my hubby loses his patience that he gives this tailor mouthful of flith. I’ll be like scratching my head….between the devil and the deep sea. But still given an opportunity, I’ll give it to this guy because of his perfect stitching. I’ll give him 90/100 marks.

Then I’ve met some tailors who learns stitching using my dress material. I remember the baby pink chicken worked chudithaar material which my hubby gifted for my birthday!!! I loved the material so much. I gave it to this stupid lady who messed the whole material. I fought with her. She agreed to get a new material, the same color, the same type and stitch it for me. She got a low quality stuff. After finishing, another round of fight happened to give my duppatta of the messed up chudithaar to her. I denied it as it had a sentimental emotion attached to it – my hubby’s gift . She refused to give the duppatta of the chudithaar she has bought. Till date I wear that chudithaar with my original duppatta!!!

There are other set of tailors who starts stitching after giving lot of reminders. Or rather start stitching on the delivery date!!!

Having shifted to a new location, I was hunting for some decent tailors who stitches well and delivers somewhat on time. Nobody is perfect you know. I finally found one who was not so costly too. One have heard of “Outsourcing” in Industries!!! Even in tailoring world too, this happens too. This lady outsource the chudithaar stitching to some guy who lives in some other part of the place. OK! Not a problem as long as he stitches properly. The first chudithaar he gave it on time. The standard technique any tailor follows to catch a new customer. I gave the next chudithaar. Ah!! the old story started here to. There was a delivery delay. Tolerated some how but the fittings turned out to be a mess. The whole ordeal started there. I returned back to the lady stating that the shoulder fitting has not come out properly hence require alteration. The guy to whom this is outsourced also agreed to this alteration. I was calling every second day to check the status of the alteration work to this lady. Fed up with the response, I got this guy’s mobile number and started calling him directly. At one point of time, he stopped taking my calls. Got really pissed off. But I had no option but to patiently wait, I thought. This ladies shop is on the way to the supermarket. So I used to drop personally to enquire too. One day, I met this guy tailor at this shop and he goes very coolly that the alteration work is done and I can collect it the next day positively. I was like relieved ..oh! finally I’m going to get it.

I was eagerly waiting to see the final output after alteration. Had he messed up further. Thought I would call and go all the way. I called up the lady. She says that he has not even started. My BP raised like the mercury that rises in that SPHYGMOMONAMETER.I have reached that tolerance peak, the big hump in any curve. That is it. I was shouting over the phone. I went on and on. “How can you run a business like this? No customer will come to you. I asked her to return the material cost. It took me 5oo bucks to get the material. Or rather the stitching cost. Because I need to give to some other tailor and cannot put any more extra paise on this stitching expense. I told her finally I want my stitched chudithaar back altered or unaltered the very next day. It dawned on me during the conversation that the lady is helpless as she is not the person who is doing the alteration. That is it. I was totally simmering with anger and firing the lady that I almost forgot the surrounding. Little did I realized that three pair of eyes was totally directed on me. My kids and husband. The conversation was so enthralling that I was giving my whole energy and knowledge into it. At the end of the vocabulary diarrhea, I felt so satisfying as if I’ve talked some sense and made sense to the person at the other end.

I left for Bangalore the next day to celebrate my niece birthday. I had nice gala time with my brother and my dear Amma and my nephew who has completed 1 year. Of course helped my SIL here and there. She prepared Soya cutlet and Veg roll and Semiya payasam on the birthday. Delicious and yummy.

Returned back to Chennai on Sunday night. Slept like log and off to work on Monday morning. The change in climate (Chennai to Bangalore and back to Chennai within 3 days) as usual made me sick. My tonsillitis hurt me. I was unable to swallow or have hot food too. Decided to consult the doctor after office in the evening. Enroute, I thought I’ll drop at the tailoring shop. There the whole bunch of traitor were sitting. The lady tailor who “outsourced” , the guy tailor - the so-called “Vendor”, the lady tailor’s husband, ”the business partner”. I , the “end-user” stood before them without speaking a word. The business partner recognized me and gave me a smile. He called his wife and said “Sumy madam’s dress…”. The lady tailor didn’t say a word. She got hurt definitely from what I read from her face. The guy tailor also looked at me shamelessly. I talked to the business partner about the whole thing and told him to comment on the situation as a third person. He said it was logical of me to have shouted and accepted that it was their fault. I walked out of the shop with relaxed and relieved mind that the whole issue got over with a matured exchange of sense. Both the parties have got hurt and lost a business of continued relationship. Anyways, life goes on at the end.

Yesterday I got a dress stitched but he has made a mess of the neck. It ‘s too low and I’ve to cover it with my dupatta!!!!!

My nightmare continues……………..

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