Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not my piece of cake!!!!

Having reached the end of the academic year, my children’s class teacher had sent a note in their calendar last week stating that they need to come in full uniform as they are going to have a photo session..Gr8. My hats off to the photographer who is bestowed with this task. It takes me lot of time and patience to take a picture of my kids sitting in one place asking them to smile and say cheese!!! When my son is ready, my daughter will turn towards him or in some other direction..or will be admiring her dress..Or when my daughter is ready with her beautiful smile, my son will not be in the mood, he will run away from the place or he will become so conscious that he will cover his face or make faces at me…Ahhhh!!! ..Finally the photo came yesterday...I was earnestly looking out for my daughter and son in the group photo. My daughter is fine, she was in her usual smile ..a big cheese…and what about my son…Ah! My son was also having a big cheese smile but he was looking at his neighbour to check whether he is wearing his cheese smile on his face…Side view photo of my son!!! Gr8..Better than nothing……

I was curious to know their names..As usual my daughter with her big mouth went on “this is Karen, Hamsa….”..I wanted my son to say couple of names… He goes “L Gautham, Akash…”..I suddenly realized he says only guy’s name…I interrupted..”What is this girls name?..” There he goes..”I don’t know any girls name..Girls are not my friends…I will not talk to them… I talk to only boys…Akash, SomGovind, Rohit.” with a frown on his face….My daughter adds “He will not talk to girls…No girl friends for Monu..I’ll talk to all boys”..Ahh!!! … May be he got sick and tired and frustrated with his experiences with his sister and mother ;-)…Girls are too hard to handle…”Girls are bad..”..”Boys are good..” He goes on …I correct him “No No..Girls are good..Boys bad…G for good B for bad”..He gets irritated…He gets the company of my hubby “Look Accha..Boys are good..Girls are bad…”…My hubby will join him…”yeah, yeah…”……


  1. Hahaha!! My 14yr old is invited by girls for all their parties which he goes for and when he had his birthday last weekend, he just refused to invite any girls at all but invited 5 of his best (boys) buddies. We were not happy but he said "I can't handle those girls for 4 hrs!" :D

  2. Ashaji,

    These boys are finding difficult to handle girls at this age..How are they going to get married and live with their wife? I wonder how???

  3. Ha..what a cute post ..I was laughing all through it..I have some nephews who has got the same
    I persume you are a malyali..I am one a small food blog.Drop by when time permits..Il b here again to read about your kiddies,as I am so crazy about them..:)

  4. varsha,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.....LOL:)

  5. oh..thanks sweetie for the comment n add..Il be posting dishes often n u can find some already there too..:)..meanwhile I have to catch up with ur other posts..u knw..friday s always a busy day..:P
    have a great weekend..:)


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