Monday, March 2, 2009

To my Brother, with love

My brother!! What shall I say? A companion, A friend, A guide, A philosopher, A critic,.......all in one person…my brother.

I remember some memorable moments that I had spend years back with him probably one of few moments which I relish even now when I get reminded of that. Those where the black and white days last century…should be in the year 1983-84, I believe. We usually walk to School …almost say 2-3 km roughly….pretty long walk especially in the morning half past eight under the hot sun in Trichy. He usually carries my backpack too along with his with loads of textbooks and notebooks. My job is to carry the tiffinbox. We used to enjoy our trails watching butterflies. I’m more interested in plucking flowers and looking for tomato plants which I carry it back home and plant it in my garden. I water it. Hopefully one or two stays.

This so called day, we were in heights of play mood that one of the tiffinbox which happened to be mine rolled out off my hand and the food spilled all over the whole road. I started crying. My brother pacified me and offered me some of his food. We reached the school. I was sad the whole day in the class thinking of my fault. My brother usually have his lunch with his classmates under the tree. I thought I will check out. He gave a big smile and gave me a pose that he is not hungry. Now I realize that he lied to me that he was not feeling hungry!!!

He had been a turning point in my life.....

After having completed my Bachelor’s in Chemistry and being the first rank holder in my college (SRC, Trichy), I wanted to pursue my Post graduation in Chemistry especially from Bharathidasan University itself. My aim was to become a Chemistry Professor in college giving lectures and finally getting a doctorate, the Ph.D. My brother changed my whole career plan. He brainwashed me. NO NO you should do Masters in Computer application which is like most talked about course now. All possible guidance was given to me. I was not that keen in going to the field of computers. He went all the way to get the application form, get it filled and sent across. I wrote my entrance test for the sake of my brother to satisfy his dream for me. In the mean time, I had already got admission for my Master’s in Chemistry in the University!!! I was totally happy that I’ve accomplished what I dreamt and was totally dedicated to all the lab sessions and theory classes.

My Brother was literally going to NIT to check out the results whether his sister’s name is displayed in the selection list. I was totally unaware or rather I forgot about this entrance exam too. One fine evening, I was sipping my hot tea after coming back from my college along with my parents. My brother came back in his cycle with big smile on his face. He was so happy that he came near me and gave a big kiss on my cheek. ummmaaaa. I still could feel the squeeze on my cheek muscles with his brotherly affection on me. I was unable to quiet comprehend the situation until he declared the news that I got selected for MCA course. Oh no!!! My dreams shattered like a glass slipping out of the hand. I had to quit my M. Sc chemistry course and got admitted to MCA. The 1st semester was little difficult to understand the concepts and it became cool later. Even though he has changed my career path which I had in mind, he has put me onto definitely an enriching and prosperous career path and I owe him a lot.

My sweet father and brother had always been my bodyguard to escort me whenever I get back from my special class or math’s tuition class late in the evening or my evening class of MCA which gets over by 8:15 pm. Lucky me, always. I was like princess of my home.

Please don’t get the idea that he had always been nice too me. We were like deadly enemies and thickest friend in a second as any other brother and sister.

He hates me for many things. I don’t keep my shelves especially books neatly. He is more of a spotlessness sensed guy. Once I remember he got so angry with me seeing the way I’ve kept my books piled up clumsily on the reading table that he throwed my biology records outside the front gate!!! I was running behind him to take it away immediately. Anyways, I believe I have come far better than my childhood days. Now my hubby is putting up with my left out clumsiness!!! He will have tons to talk about my cleanliness ;-) ;-)

I can go on and on…….My brother is like…….



  1. Hi Sumy, thanks for visiting me! :)

    Great post, hope your brother reads this!Nice to remember how we were and we always appreciate it when we look back.

  2. Asha,

    Glad that you took time between your busy schedule of blogging, cooking and extra extra to visit my blog.

    Appreciate it whole heartedly. Thanks


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