Friday, March 27, 2009

Enna olakkam da sami!!!!

Life is always full of surprises…One never know what is in store for us the next minute….it could be happy moments, sad, …sometimes nothing happens…it turns out to be bizarre…sometimes ordinary……whatever happens, we continue to live…and flow along with the tide or against the tide…..Same way, we interpret a situation differently. …Different person interprets the same situation in their own way…it will sprout as a surprise for many of us that there are n number of ways of interpreting the same situation…each human being customizing the same situation in their own perspective….

Today my dear hubby came back from his official trip from Cochin (Monday night till Friday morning)…At the start of my marriage life, this separation of 2-3 days or maximum a week was like hell for me…Loneliness kills me..OMG, Good that I was working most of my time of the day I’m busy at work which takes off my strain of loneliness...My hubby being a marketing professional could not help avoiding this stint of travel out of station. I curse myself that I should not have married a marketing guy…After my motherhood and having taken a break from my work, my focus and energy turned towards children, this separation becomes a pain only when my children feel ill and usually it happens that whenever he is out of station, my children fell ill and I’ve to run between hospital and home all by myself to fix the situation….Years pass by, still my dear hubby travels a lot….professional hazard…now I’ve my children who have joined the foray of experiencing the absence of Acchan…My son misses the “Male element” of the family…Before it could reach the second day, my son starts “when will Acchan come back?...”….Now I kind of turned stone to the whole situation ;-)…Having got back to workforce very recently, it is pretty tough for my children to handle the absence of both parents….Poor souls!!! …..My hubby was quickly catching up with me about the whereabouts last 2 days about children, me, work…..I was not in the mood. Anyways, his absence , even if I put up that strong personality in front of him…deep within me, I ‘m still a dependent soul …;-)….I was lying to him that I have taken his absence very boldly. He was appreciating me that “good for you. That shows sign of self-independence…blah blah..”…He goes... “When a glass is filled with water half way, the way you look at it matters the most”..”The glass is half filled”..”The glass is half empty”…blah blah…”Enna ollakamada ethu”……I’m here standing half depressed and here goes my man with his usual garrulous delivery.

During the lunch hour with “Mahila sangam” at office, we were discussing about our weekend activities…One of my friend who is living alone in Chennai in a PG, living away from her husband (Bangalore) was not in the mood..She gave a big not so happy face…What happened? My hubby didn’t come this weekend..It was boring…Then quickly she added “I’m suffering from depression. I’m going to quit my job. This separation from my husband had caused me depression..No I’m going back to Bangalore..My hubby is asking me to wait for 3-4 months..He does not want me to resign!!!”… Her husband’s effort of pacifying her has gone futile and finally he says “you come back…What to do?..I’ve to resign to my fate”…. 4 pairs of eyes were directed towards her direction….We were trying to console and persuading her to think positively…Poor soul!!! Another friend continues “Evangalukku ipadina, for me..”…This friend’s hubby is in Singapore working…this sweet lady in Chennai..I wonder why?...”My in-laws are saying me to resign and go and live with my hubby in Singapore..I’m only not resigning…What will I do there when I go there?....I’ve to think about financial stability..We have loans also to pay..If I resign, what can be done?...My in-laws are saying even if you don’t have enough money to survive in Singapore , we will send from here”…..WaaW!!! Have you heard such a smoothing words from in-laws???...AAhh!!! Let's not deviate from the topic...So other second friend goes saying “…”Enna ollakamada ethu”……nimadhiyavey vazha vidamathingala……(Will they not allow me to live peacefully!!!!). The other 4 pairs of eyes were directed towards her direction….;-)

Sitting idly for long hours at desk, I thought of having some hot coffee at Pantry....I heard a big howling voice calling my name out…With enquiring eyes, I turned and searched the whole crowded dare can someone call out my name so loudly? Who is this? Oh! My friend who sits in the other floor of the building…”Enna inga…(why here?)”…She is also without work ;-) …same boat…I took my coffee and made myself comfortable to spend the next few minutes luxioursly..semma katthi..(Blade…)…She introduced me to another friend of hers…Gr8…She is in a different project…I was enquiring the work situation in their project….She says “lots of work..I wish to be like you ..sitting without work…wanna to take off for a is hectic..working 12 hours a day..7 days a week…development work…”..Do they require any resources? “Yep”…I was almost over her..”Then take me into your project..”…She continues ..” adding new resources is a hectic process and approvals needed…so not possible at present”… ”Enna ollakamada ethu…”… My friend and me were like scratching our head …”We have no work..they have lots of work…and requirement is there..but they can’t take us”….


  1. hahah yeah true, enna olagamada ithu :)

    The separation bit I can relate to, i had a long distance relationship with my husband (then boyfriend) and it was pure torture. its not worth it. and being in singapore, i can tell your friend safely that if she comes here, she can find some job or the other and i think she can also safely send money home for loans. you can save quite a bit here so that shouldn't stop her!!

  2. Oh! Nags, You are quick....Thanks for visiting my blog...I'll definitely pass on your comments to my dear friend....

  3. I think if we aspire for a life like that you must be either super rich that you dont really need to have a job and therefore spending time together ..:-)
    Isnt our life all about compromises....I sort of sympathise with your husband too..He must be in exactly the same predicament as you...though he may not be expressing it!

    For almost 4 years during my student life we had a split life too...Mom was transferred to Mumbai..and Dad to chennai...leaving myself and bro in trivandrum...
    Though it was hard in the beginning, it kind of has made me battle hardened...I am a optimistic person who try to see positives in everything in life...

    btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  4. Mathews,

    You, the next best thing after God.....!!!!
    Very happy that you peeped in and shared your feelings of your childhood....You are almost God!!! Great thought of yours....I wish i could think something like that...out of the box...get motivated by going through couple of posts in your blog not only to write but to read more so that I can beat your literally intellect....I’m already in…;-)

    My man says that he is independent, non-emotional, self-motivated man...He puts up a mortley grab on his face..But end of the day, he also cries on my shoulder like a small child...

    keep visiting my blog..Thanks once again....


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